About the Wiki

This is the wiki for the game "Seed of Andromeda". which is a Survival Sci-fi game in a simi-infinite voxel world.

Remember that the game is in very early, work in progress, so anything that you read on this wiki might change at a later date.

Also subscribe to the creator of the game Benjamin Alan Arnold on Youtube for the latest videos about the game.

About Seed of Andromeda

Seed of Andromeda is an open world voxel based sandbox sci-fi rpg game. The player travels to a habitable planet on the ship, the "Seed of Andromeda", but something goes horribly wrong! Its main features is about gathering resources, building up your colony, recruiting npcs for your colony, research new technologies, then craft cool items, which will help the player to colonize the planet and survive, the native alien races.

Featured Video
Seed Of Andromeda Update 4 Avalanches, Canyons, particle effects!09:11

Seed Of Andromeda Update 4 Avalanches, Canyons, particle effects!

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